to be rich sometime is a curse more than a blessing.

one of my li'l brother leetahsar's gang of laukuaybus is now in a very precarious situation. she could have her life suddenly terminated without warning.

the poor rich girl! her only handsome son finally married another younger laukuaybu fr JB. let's called teetujia. in hokkien that would be spider spirit. yep! the one that would suck a man dry of his cum, his money and finally his life!

lts lkb lived alone in a very very big mansion with her son. her husby didn't live with her. he lived with a mistress - obviously another teetujia. husby would only visit lts lkb once a mth to collect "maintenance" money so that he could maintain his lavish lifestyle of the other woman. that was about what the poor lts lkb was married to a male teetu or a teetukong.

teetujia was a hair washer girl. she was good. she washed lkb's handsome son from the wash-bashin to the bedroom of his. they had cohabit for many years. until of late, handsome was being coerced to marry her officially so that she could execute her next devious plan: to murder the poor lkb with the least or evidenceless incident.

lts lkb just had a nasty fall. her mobility was greatly quite adversely affected. it wasn't a fall as in a fall. it was a planned fall. teetujia had placed all over the floor some sticky rat glue using the reason to rid rats. her actual motive was to rid lkb cos she didn't tell her that she had placed sticky rat glue all over. and she did it in the middle of the night.

poor lkb! her regular night habit would she have to get up to pee. so it happened. she stepped on one of the sticky glue traps, tripped and fell. it was a blessing that she didn't die or went into cardiac arrest. unfortunately she fractured her leg and now in cast.

that was why she called my li'l brother leetahsar to tell him about her mishap.

and that was how i got this story to share with everyone here.

any suggestion, ideas or evil scheme to help poor lts lkb to rid that nasty evil jb lkb?

by the way, if lts lkb were to die, everything would belong to handsome, ltslkb's son and in turn everything cents would end up in the evil jb lkb.

now u see the entire scheme of events?